Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One more thing done

Yesterday I got the eyelets that I wanted and started printing and gluing things together to finish my sign in pages for the wedding. I think that they are very unique and special. All I have to do now is to bind them with fibers in the book and yes, I do need to complete the book...talk about stress! The good thing is that I know where I am headed with it. The bad thing is that I am behind on things here at home to get ready. Right now it is the middle of the night and I just had to get some work done.

The photo is the page I have written about. I have also included a page where the couple can put photos of their special day and a page where each of them can write about the experience.


Pine Pod Farm said...

Very nice!

Lucia said...

wow! so beautiful and detailed. I can't wait to see it in real life.... this Friday!


Sir Pumpkin said...

Your work is always wonderful. Hope you all had a wonderful time.