Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chicken and Broccoli

Odd title isn't it? At first you think it is something that is going to be cooked. NOT! Poor June's eggs didn't hatch for whatever reasons. I tried to find some Bantam peeps to put under her at night and take the eggs away so she would have babies to raise, but couldn't find any peeps in my area. Had to take her eggs away from her. She was M-A-D!!!

Now, Harriet has been laying and I've left her eggs alone. She has 11 eggs under her and is setting again. Some will be too old to hatch, so we will see how it goes. Should have peeps around June 2nd if all goes well.

Now for the broccoli. I started a straw bale garden this spring. I now have broccoli that is about ready to eat. So very cool to do! Raise your own food. I also have lettuce in the bales that I have been harvesting for salads, but the birds have had their way with my strawberries. Need to do something about that. For the meantime, here is my first head of broccoli...