Thursday, July 30, 2009

Early Morning Riser

They say that the early bird gets the worm, but in this case, it is the early worker bee that gets the pollen! I was out feeding the outside animals and saw activity on a plant that seems to be a false lambs ear. The pic here is of a honey bee. Notice the pollen sac on her rear leg. She is going to take this home so her colony can pack it away and use it as 'bee bread' to feed the young larve. This certainly makes for happy bees and a happy family!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trying To Get There

We have been working on putting tile down in the laundry/pantry area as well as the kitchen. It has been a slow and frustrating process. Dust everywhere, the refrigerator in the den area, mortar and grout getting stuck in the cracks of the tiles, things piled up on the counters with no counter to be seen in site. It is a rewarding process in the end, though still isn't finished. I still need to seal the grout, paint kickboards, find a home for the stuff on the counters, but it is getting there. Things are looking better and we are trying to get to the next project... Here is a during the process picture and an after the process picture. Notice that the fridge is now back where it belongs!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Doe In The Woods

Wildlife abounds around here. We live in a rural area and have woods surrounding two sides of our property. Saw this little doe grazing around the outside of our horse pasture and got the camera to video her. Wish I could have been closer. I couldn't believe it when she squatted to pee! She pee'd! I guess I didn't really think about it much. I see deer poop all around, but to actually see her pee was quite amazing for me. I guess I am easily entertained.

There is another doe around with two fawns that is around here. Now if I could just catch her on video...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet June

Well, I went and did it again. I went to the same place that was having yet another yard/tag sale where I bought the Nelsons and bought another chicken. This one is a 12 week old Buff Black Tailed Japanese Bantam pullet. I call her June (as in June Cleaver). Harriet and June are having some issues, but things are working out. June just can't get near Harriet or between Harriet and Ozzie. If that happens, Harriet yanks the dickins out of Junes feathers and sends her running. Harriet is becoming a little more tolerant of June and June is beginning to learn the ropes around here. Bless her little chicken heart...she is trying hard!

Well, I guess I've started my flock of mini chickens and I'm hoping the hubster won't ban me from more yard sales...