Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Got it done!

Well, I finally finished it. I've completed an article and submitted it for an online art Zine. It is the first of two parts. My article is about thread painting and will be in the October issue. In this photo, you can see the ACT that I give step-by-step instructions for making.

I actually had it done, mostly, but had to put the pictures in order and make them small enough to send and large enough to look decent. This I am not good at. The editors were very kind to work with me. First, I didn't finish editing my own writing quickly and then I got busy with things and forgot to email all of the pictures for the article!

For the sequel...I will be doing it shortly. I don't want to be "last minute Annie" again!

Oh, and when October arrives you can visit: to see what I did. Or you can click on the link to the right side of my blog. Art Trader Magazine, check it out.