Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet Hambone

Well, a month ago I went to get my mail and a dog was in the road by my mailbox. I always shoo stray dogs because I don't want them on my property. I have some really irresponsible dog owners around me who just let their dogs run loose. I don't want someone else's dog on my property to chase/upset my goats and I certainly don't them here bringing disease. Not to mention tearing into my trash, pooping in my yard and me having to pick up after someone else's pet.

At any rate, I tried to tell the dog to 'get'. He rolled over in the road and stayed there. I could tell he had a soft temperament and was an older dog. I went back to my house and he followed me. What can I say? I took him in (named him Hambone because that is what he looks/acts like). I called neighbors and they told me he had been seen for at least a week running around. I called animal control, the local humane society and all of the local vets as well as putting ads in local papers and Craigs list. I even had him checked for a micro chip. No one was looking for him. Seems as though someone just dumped him off. What a pathetic thing to do.

He is sweet, gets along with other dogs, housebroken, heartworm free and an all round happy fellow. Who could do something like this to him? At one time he was someones loved pet.

I called my vet and she works with a local group that is a no kill shelter. Most animals are being fostered until they find a forever home. I have been Hambone's foster home. This is a great group. They take care of all of the animals health care and food. Hambone not only got a fecal, he was tested for heartworms, he got his shots, teeth cleaned and microchipped at their expense. This group sets up at PetSmart every Saturday to show off the adoptable pets. They require a 3 page application to be filled out, a home inspection (for 3 reasons, one to see that there is a home at the address given, two to see that they actually have a fenced in yard with four sides and a gate if they claim to have one and three to make sure that they are not hoarders, meaning they don't collect dogs/pets because they feel sorry for them and have too many). There is also a $200 adoption fee which is really cheap when you consider the price of spaying/neutering, heartworm check, fecal, worming ect. I took Hambone there and on the first Saturday, someone fell in love with him. It has taken a few more weeks for paperwork to be filled out, a home inspection done and tomorrow Hambone will go to his new home. He will be a companion to a new family and a 13 year old boy who wanted him to love. I would say that this is a good ending for this delightful fellow!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yet Another Try

Set aside some time to try another plum blossom on a more appropriate paper. It does take a good amount of practice. It is fun to watch brushstrokes become something familiar. I do like this one better and will keep trying...

Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Attempt

Ok, I've tried to attempt some plum blossoms with my Chinese brushes. It wasn't the correct paper (didn't absorb well), and was only an envelope that I used to paint on. I however did use the black inkstick and tried to copy some colors with the watercolors I had on hand. I didn't have a seal, but used a stamp that was supposed to be a Chinese coin.

Hopefully this first attempt (after practicing) isn't crummy. I know what I need to do differently and I think with practice and time I will get better.