Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Attempt

Ok, I've tried to attempt some plum blossoms with my Chinese brushes. It wasn't the correct paper (didn't absorb well), and was only an envelope that I used to paint on. I however did use the black inkstick and tried to copy some colors with the watercolors I had on hand. I didn't have a seal, but used a stamp that was supposed to be a Chinese coin.

Hopefully this first attempt (after practicing) isn't crummy. I know what I need to do differently and I think with practice and time I will get better.


Amy said...

It's still pretty though.

Sir Pumpkin said...

A brilliant first chinese picture. I love the way I can see the brush strokes and the lovely use of ink. Beautifully relaxed and charming.

WW said...

I think you did a lovely job, and the coin was a nice touch!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Very pretty!

Bethany said...

Very pretty.

Your GS is gorgious! I hope everything gets better fast.

Enjoyed your blog!