Friday, January 23, 2009

She Doesn't Deserve It

As many of you know, I don't have children, but I do have dogs. Many don't know the love of an animal, and the love you have for them along with the bond you create between the two of you. I spend many hours in training for various AKC titles, and when you spend this amount of time with the dog/animal, you form an extremely close bond with the dog/animal you are working with. You learn to notice little differences in body language when working with them, and learn to read their body language. My relationship with Hannah is no exception.

Hannah is a German Shepherd Dog. She just turned 6 years old on this new years eve. She is brave, protective, a guardian of my small goat herd, a friend, companion to all other dogs here, and a loyal friend to me. She is always good natured, happy and delightful to be around. She is very loved.

Last year she began to limp on one of her back legs and I took her in for X-rays. Her hips seemed fine, so I chalked it up to pulling something due to the fact she loves to run so hard. I kept her inside with R&R for 2 weeks. A couple of weeks later, it happened again. I just thought she had once again pulled or sprained something. When it happened again a few months later, I took her in and requested more X-rays. We redid her hips along with her back and neck. Low and behold, she had compression going on in her neck and spine. Not only did she have compression, but little spurs growing out of several of her vertebra. She was in severe pain. She had been for some time. We put her on pain killers and steroids to relieve the inflammation. She was also put on 'bed rest'.

A couple of nights ago, she ran a bit and then began limping. After a vet's visit, she was diagnosed with 'Ruptured Cranial Cruciate'. She has torn a ligament in her knee. She will now be going to have surgery on Monday to try and repair it. While recuperating, she might be using her other leg/knee so much that she will damage it and have to have surgery on the other knee.

She is such a sweet and good natured dog. She always tries to please you and do whatever you ask. Throughout all her pain, she has never been the least bit snippy. She doesn't deserve this. This whole time all she does is wag her tail and give you kisses.

The photo I have posted is when she finished her AKC C.D. title.


Amy said...

Nice picture and good job Cathy and Hannah!

WW said...

Aww...she's soo beautiful.
What an awful shame. I wish you both the best of luck and hope the surgery helps her.

JK said...

I sure hate to hear that about Hannah.
Hope all goes well with the surgery. Will be thinking of you both. Keep us posted on her condition.
A wonderful photo of you both by the way.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I hate to hear this, I am so sorry for all Hannah and you are going through right now. It is not easy to see the ones we love in pain. I hope her surgery goes well!

trisha too said...

She is a beautiful dog, and obviously well loved.

roc said...

she is a beautiful animal. i'm sorry she isn't feeling so well. i hope the surgery helps her.

anesha said...

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Karen Mowrey said...

Hi there,

Marsha from Tumble Fish Studio sent me your way...I have a bee thing going on and soon hope to have colonies...a lot to think about with that.

Anyway, I stopped here because of your beautiful Hannah. We have 3 German Shepherd dogs, and have said goodbye to 3 in the past. Your Hannah looks like out Ella, a lot! Ella is our extremely smart alpha female. To hear of your story and what you are going through breaks my is not fair that a hard working beautiful animal should have any ailments at all.