Saturday, December 27, 2008

Altered Domino Ornaments

Finally finished up some Christmas ornaments. They are altered dominoes for Lucia and Isaac and all have to do with their wedding that was in August. Most have danglies at the bottom and all can be hung by the fibers that are attached to the top.

When Lucia and Isaac announced the date, they sent out a delightful postcard with a picture of them together when they were younger and then made a photo to look similar of them now. The two pictures were put one on top of the other on the front of the postcard. I thought it was really special and surely had to use the picture on one of the dominoes. They made their own invitations, so of course the invitation is on one. On the flip side of the invitation, they drew themselves biking, so that is another domino. There is one with a photo of the church and one with a wedding photo that I have surrounded by music that was sung at the wedding. There is also one of the invitation to the rehearsal dinner and one of the front of the wedding program.

I think all will have a special meaning for them, as it is their first Christmas together as husband and wife. They are not done in Christmas colors, so can be hung anywhere and anytime.

Just wish I had time to make more...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Piece Of Me

A friend is hosting a swap where she sent out a puzzle of 9 pieces to 8 people and we are to alter each piece of the puzzle to represent us as an artist. She will be the 9th person in the swap and will alter her pieces as well. We will return all 9 pieces to her and she will mix them up so that each of us has a puzzle piece of the other that makes one puzzle when they are connected together. The outside pieces can have chunky pieces on the outside of them.

I have altered my pieces with a picture of an Avatar that I sometimes use. It is a 'Zetti Me'. On the outside of this outside piece, I have added fibers and if you look closely, there is a little sewing machine and a pair of scissors. The colors in the photo aren't accurate, they do match the Avatar much better in person.

I can't wait to see the returns and the finished 9 puzzles. I am sure they will be amazing!