Friday, August 8, 2008

Message In A Spoon

Inspired by an article on 'Spoon Books' in the May/June 2008 CPS magazine, I decided to host an altered spoon swap on Mail Art World (link on the side of my blog to it) and I titled it 'Message In A Spoon.' The idea was to alter a spoon and to use words to give a message in it. What a fun and exciting swap it was! I can't tell you how beautiful the spoons were that came in. I think everyone who participated will be happy with their returns.

In the swap, I received many spoons as a hostess gift, which I didn't require, but was certainly appreciative. I also made spoons and swapped for other spoons that were sent in. I actually kept one of mine. I rarely keep any of my art work, but thought I would just for this occasion. Talk about a about a beautiful collection! Now, how do you display these wonders?

As luck would have it, I was at a garage sale looking for silver plated silverware to alter. I came across a couple of small souvenir spoons and snatched them up quickly. They are great for art pins. The person holding the yard sale pointed me in the direction of a spoon rack to display spoons that you have collected. I told her I didn't collect spoons, but thank you. As I drove off, I had this feeling that I needed to go back, so I did.

I inquired about the 'spoon rack' and looked to see if it would hold regular sized silverware. By golly, it did! I picked it up and went home happy.

At first I was going to alter it, but after placing my altered cutlery there, I didn't think it would work. I just didn't want to take away from all of the lovely pieces that adorn it. The pieces speak for themselves as they should. On the bottom is a tray and I'm not sure what I will put in there, but just wanted to share this beauty of a collection.

Oh, and if you'd like to alter a spoon/fork/knife and trade me, just let me know. Altered cutlery is my newest passion!

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roc said...

it just looks great cathy!