Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Completed Guest Book

Finally home from the wedding and trying to get caught up on sleep and housework. The picture is the front of the finished guest book. It has a page for photo's and a page for both the bride and groom to journal in. I was pleased with how it turned out. The guest book is layers of lace and beads. It is closed by a pen that is run through ribbon. You can click on the picture to see it up close and personal.

The wedding was filled with beauty and art, dancing and delight. Such a joyous day that was shared by friends and family that will live on in memories, pictures and video's. Now the couple will start life anew as one. There is something special in being married. Something sacred. Something that goes beyond being a couple.

When you wed, you promise eternity on this earth with that special person you love. You promise it in front of God and everyone. It is not a promise that is taken lightly.

Marriage isn't always easy. You endure hard times, bad times and hurt that you sometimes throw each others way, whether you mean to or not. Yet, you get through it and still love that person next to you, and your love grows into a depth that is unexplainable. A love that is ever enduring, faithful, and trusting.

For the newly wed couple, I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Hold onto each other in the good times and in the bad. In the end, your love will grow stronger, deeper, and enrich your lives.

Understand that feelings can sometimes be hurt easily, and that harsh words can never be taken back.

Never sleep on the couch at night, no matter how mad you are. It only creates a distance between you two.

Never own any thing bigger than a full sized bed. Sleep closely and always snuggle at night. Let your bodies become one by always touching each other…let your legs tangle together. In this, you know when you sleep that your love is beyond boundaries and that you are always together and that you comfort one another.

Always remember to say thank you, even for the smallest gestures. Everyone wants to be appreciated.

Compromise at every crossroad. You don’t always need to be right, even if you think you are. A compromise is working out a situation that you disagree on, but know that in 5 years it didn’t really matter in the first place.

Love is a two way street, it is give and take. Always try to give more than you take.

Never hold a grudge or bring up past mistakes, it isn't healthy for your relationship.

Wake each morning with a smile upon your face and a happy heart, for the one you love is laying right beside you. It just doesn't get any better than that.


Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job on it! ~*~Amy~*~

WW said...

What a beautiful job you did on this. I can only imagine how much they love it!

Lucia said...

Thanks Cathy -- We take your advice and love to heart. We love you and miss you guys a lot.

Maybe we can come visit around the holidays. Much love....!!!
Lucia and Isaac