Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mason Bees

Mason bees are delightful little pollinators. I understand that they are easy keepers and don't sting. If you want to collect honey, they aren't for you, they don't produce honey, just pollinate. They are slightly larger than a fly and smaller than a honeybee. They will take up residence in Woodpecker holes in trees. I found some outback on the wild Lambs Ear (at least that is what I call it) and have taken some photo's and a video of them pollinating. Please excuse the video for being a bit blurry in some parts...I need to learn how to work my camera/video taker. I have an old Pecan tree (photo is at the bottom of my blog) nearby and think that is where these are living. If you'd like to learn more about them just type in Mason Bees in your search engine.

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Tumble Fish Studio said...

So glad to get my bee lesson in! I just love reading your blog. I have grown to think of you every time I hear a bzzzzzzz! And I have grown not to be so afraid of the bzzzzzz too, thanks to you!