Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finding Harriet

As you saw in my last post, Harriet is quite small. She is an every other day kind of girl in the egg department. Today was the other day. Here is a photo of her egg by her golf ball. Yep, her golf ball. The golf ball gives her a hint that this is where she is supposed to lay. It helps so I don't have to play the Easter egg hunt game around the yard.

Now to finding Harriet. Not a problem, instructions are simple. 1. Go to the yard. 2. Ask, "Where's Harriet?" and call chicky-chicky-chicky. Here comes Harriet. Just tell her to run and hurry. She'll be at your beck and call in no time flat. Oh, and you'll get Ozzie and June along for the fun.


Amy said...

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WW said...

That's tooo cute. Love the way she comes

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, you make chickens look so cute! I have been almost afraid of chickens as I am of bees. You are doing good work here helping me appreciate both species! Wish you could train my dogs as well as you have those chickens! You look lovely too in the picture. I just love coming to visit!

roc said...

LOVE how fast she runs! i giggled like crazy!