Friday, March 6, 2009

The Opportunists

We've had some really strange weather here this winter. Warm one day, then freezing the next. It is really hard on the bees. I lost one of my colonies during the snow. I took out all of the frames to clean up the hive body and super. The frames had capped honey in them, so I took the ones from the supers and harvested them and then left the hive body frames with the capped honey out for my other colony to clean up. They sure did love it as you can see in the short video. I went into their hive box before they found what I left for them to see if they were doing ok, and sure enough they are going like gang busters. The hive is full of bees and they have started building comb on top of their super so I went ahead and put another super for them to fill. This one will be for me. March is the time that our bees get going here in Georgia and hopefully this colony will do well with their honey production this year.

Oh, and by the way, this colony is the swarm I caught last year.


Jennifer said...

Neat video! Sorry to hear you lost one of the hives though. This crazy weather is hard on everyone I think!

Melissa said...

Bee colonies fascinate me! I love to watch the honeybees collecting pollen from my flowers garden!