Sunday, March 22, 2009


My goats can be a lot of fun. Jackson is a purebred Nubian and is my first goat. He was raised as a bottle baby and was raised in the house. He thinks he is special. We took naps on the couch together. He never pottied in the house. I can go into the pasture and pat the ground next to me and he will lie down to get pats.

If you go to my YouTube site you can see a video of him. Although he does lie down with me, the camera is just too much of a curiosity for him to deal with.

Funny boy he is!


Amy said...

He's lovely Cathy, nice Nubian wether :-D

barefootchef said...

Thanks Amy, he is indeed a funny boy!

Jennifer said...

What a sweet, cool goat he is, I enjoyed the video of him. :)