Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cookin' with barefoot? What is that?

You know, as I whirl about the internet, I always go by barefootchef. Notice that there is a small cap b and it is one word. That is me, and who I define myself as. Barefoot, for being casual, chef because I like to cook. Not that I am a professional cook, although I have taken many courses in cooking in a culinary art school as well as classes that you'd take from a chef that you sign up for. The casual cook. I like making difficult dishes as well as simple ones, just depends on the day and the mood. The casual person who likes to cook. That is who I am.

I also dabble in the arts. I love to sew, weave, spin and knit. I've actually taught sewing since 1989 when I was in New Orleans. I had someone ask me to teach with them at the local Clothworld stores and was hooked. Didn't think I knew enough to teach, but found shortly after beginning that I did and would love it! I also found that you learn a lot from your students if you listen to them. At the moment, I only teach private lessons by appointment.

A few years ago I became involved with ACT's. Most of mine are done in fabric and thread painting. I have branched out to do fabric journal pages, some collage and as of late, altered cutlery.

So for now, I'll leave you with a thought...

We are all like angels with one wing and can only fly by embracing one another!

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welcome to the world of blogging woman!