Monday, February 6, 2012

My 'Pages and Memories' altered book

Yes, I know it's been quite some time since I've blogged. I think sometimes I'm just too busy or just forget. Recently, I've been working on an altered book. Kinda fun and lot's going on with it. It has lots of vintage pages and pages with foreign language, children book pages, map pages, ledger pages...I guess you get the picture. I've lots of folded pages and places to write or hide secret things to find. I've tucked away a little love note from my husband in one. On that page, I put an index tab with the word "special" on it. That way I can find it easily. I've still things to put in it, but is a very fun little book that I've got going on.

This is the front of my little book. Notice that I have put in some fibers with danglies to make a permanent bookmark in the spine of the book. I don't want to lose my place!

This is the book opened all the way up...

Here is the spine, done with a pamphlet stitch.

The handles are made from recycled chicken feed bags. One is in the front and another is in the back.

Lastly, my danglies. A pair of sewing scissors, handmade bead and a crucifix with 3 beads from a recycled rosary.

Now, off to add memories to my little treasure!


roc said...

uthat is really gorgeous cath!!

WW said...

That's a pretty outstanding book Cath!! Awesome job!!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely!